Towing Insurance

Austin Insurance, Inc. has specialized in providing coverage for towing operations for many years. We have many companies to offer comprehensive packages to provide protection for all aspects of your business

General Liability

Provides coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage for which you are legally liable. This also covers you for any "Personal Injury" caused by wrongful entry to your property.

Automobile Liability

  • Scheduled Auto: for coverage to exist on all of your commercial autos, they must be specifically described or listed on the policy.
  • Hired Auto: This extends your liability coverage to autos you may lease, hire, rent, or borrow.
  • Non-Owned Autos: This extends your liability coverage to autos you DO NOT own, lease, hire, rent, or borrow that are used in connection to your business. It includes autos owned by employees of your business.

Excess or Umbrella Liability

Provides you with additional liability protection that is over or above the limit of your General and Automobile Liability limits.

Worker's Compensation

Provides wage loss and medical expense coverage for employees of your business in case of an on-the-job injury.


  • On Hook: This covers any collateral that is being towed by a covered auto.
  • Cargo: This protects from liability for cargo owned by others that is being transported.
  • Garagekeepers:
    • Legal Liability: This covers damages to autos possessed in your care, custody or control.
    • Direct Primary: This covers damages for which you are not at fault and is not legally liable.